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Exhibitor FAQs

Job Fair is an event focused on recruiting for all types of positions including full-time, contract, summer, part-time or co-op, and employers must have positions available within six months of the Fair. Community job seekers, students from all years of study and disciplines as well as recent and experienced alumni of the partnering educational institutions attend this event to network with employers regarding employment opportunities.

We anticipate over 2500 job seekers from local education institutions.

Registration can be paid by Visa and Mastercard credit card payments online.

The profile submission is included in the cost of your registration fee and can be submitted through your Fair registration page on the website

Extensive marketing including the following...

  • specialized workshops
  • banners, flyers and posters
  • social media
  • marketing at events
  • advertising on website
  • memos to faculty and university/college administration
  • targeted emails to job seekers

The booth is a 10' x 10'  foot draped area with a 6 foot skirted table and up to 4 chairs. All exhibits and materials must be contained in this space.

You may register for a double booth.  No discounts are available for a double booth.

Please ship display units and printed material/items to arrive at FirstOntario Centre no earlier TBD

Please direct shipments to:
Connect to Careers Job Fair (Company name and booth Number)
FirstOntario Centre
101 York Blvd

Hamilton, ON L8R 3L4 

Note: Important Couriering Information

  • All items must clearly indicate your organization’s name, booth number and specify Connect to Career Job Fair. 
  • Note: No shipments should be directed to the sponsoring institutions.
  • To confirm that your shipment has arrived, please connect directly with your courier company as FirstOtnario Centre staff is unable to confirm delivery.
  • The items will be stored in a secure storage area prior to the event and not at the exhibit space. Upon arrival, please pick up your shipped materials from this area.
  • At the conclusion of the event, return shipments must be clearly marked with the shipping address and a completed waybill for each item being shipped by courier. Each waybill requires an account number. Please note that failure to provide an account number will result in your materials not being shipped. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to arrange for courier pick-up prior to 4:30 PM and to remain on-site until the courier arrives.
  • Neither FirstOntario Centre nor Connect to Careers Job Fair will assume responsibility for shipment or costs associated with shipment of materials.

EmployerOne - Hamilton Employer Survey


Hamilton Employers: Be Part of the Solution!

(Our apologies if you have received this information more than once).


What Can I Do?

Complete Workforce Planning Hamilton’s annual EmployerOne survey 2017. The survey provides a way for Hamilton employers of all sizes and sectors to be partners in building a strong workforce and prosperity for themselves, as well as for our community. Our survey is shorter this year and will be easier for you to complete!


The survey is open from January 3, 2017 to January 31, 2017.


Where Can I Learn More?

Visit Workforce Planning Hamilton’s website at


Who Should Complete Employer One?

All local employers and business owners are asked to complete the survey. Your responses will be kept confidential.


Top 3 Reasons to Do the Survey

•             By sharing your hiring needs, challenges, and plans you’ll provide crucial and timely labour market information

•             Outcomes will include a more educated workforce that will increase your company’s bottomline, with less staff turnover

•             Results are shared with empl0yment providers and educational institutions to create a stronger future workforce for Hamilton!