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Why Attend (Exhibitors)

Register for this Fair if you have job opportunities open today or within 6 months

  • This is your opportunity to connect with qualified job seekers
  • Recruit for full time, part time, summer and co-op positions
  • Leverage your time, effort, and reduce recruitment costs
  • Meet face to face with over 3,000 students and alumni from 3 top institutions in Hamilton and with skilled and professional job seekers from the Hamilton community

What Employers Are Saying…

“I felt that for the first attempt, the fair was done really well. I appreciated being able to set up the day before the event. I appreciated the quality food provided and the parking credit provided. It’s these little things that make it easier on the participants. Working a job fair is a long day and not having to worry about having a short time to set up, or worrying about parking at the end is refreshing.”

“From our perspective the event was a great success. We have interviewed three people we met that day and they are all possible candidates. One is for a 12- month co-op opportunity which we were not originally looking for; however, this person impressed us so much that we are waiting for approval to recruit for the co-op.” 

"We had a positive experience participating in the McMaster/Mohawk Career Fair and we were thrilled on being able to meet and speak with recent graduates that we could assist in finding employment.  We found the fair to be well organized, with spacious booths and good traffic flow without it being too overwhelming.  We spoke with a number of students who were very suitable and we were able to select a couple of super stars that we look forward to having join GHD."